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Rebecca Rau



2023  NADA Art fair at Foreland, Catskills

2022 “Bait and Tackle” Solo show at Here Gallery, Pittsburgh

2021 Quaranzine V2

2020 99$ three month special, group show, Brooklyn NY

2019 Art du Q, group show Quebec Canada, 

2019 Greenpoint Java Gallery, group show, Brooklyn NY

2018 Sci-Fi Film festival, Den Theater Chicago IL

2018 “boys” solo show, Loma Vista Gallery, Big Sur California

2017 Artist Residency, The Watershed, Galway Ireland

2017 The Junk Show, Rockwall studios, Brooklyn NY

2016 Film Independent Directors Lab 

2015 Situation Room, Los Angeles 

2011 Exhibitionist, Guggenheim Gallery, Orange CA

2011 Forward Thinking: a Curatorial Roundabout, Los Angeles Convention Center

2012 Video Show, The Mandrake Los Angeles, CA

2010 Art and Science, (work created in collaboration with NASA's

Jet Propulsion Lab), Pasadena Ca

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